Financial Crime


Safeguard against financial crime


Financial crime is a growing threat to businesses. Both internal and external threats exist and as a result, regulatory demands continue to evolve.

Regulators have increased their scrutiny of authorised firms in recent years and want to see a demonstrable commitment to tackling financial crime.

Amidst this backdrop, we have developed a suite of services that can identify and uncover financial crime, and build robust controls and processes against it.

Our expertise includes detection and enforcement of all aspects of financial crime, including anti-bribery and anti-money laundering.


How we help


We can help review your firm’s existing AML framework including customer due diligence (CDD) programme, financial crime policies and provide risk assessments.

We carry out an independent audit to examine and evaluate your firm’s policies, controls
and procedures, including a review of a firm’s KYC onboarding records. 

We provide outsourced customer due diligence, KYC solutions, politically exposed person (PEP) screening and sanction screening using an efficient and pragmatic approach.

The FCA does not necessarily need to see evidence of crimes to initiate punitive action; they can take action if you don’t have the necessary structures in place. We ensure you have best in practice processes in place.


Why Newgate?

Expertise from ex-regulators

With a team staffed with ex-regulators we’re ready to help you understand your risks and put in place best practice controls to ensure effective anti-crime processes.

Focused & proactive approach

We prioritise a front foot approach that puts your needs at the top of the agenda and delivers pre-emptive solutions to help you avoid risk.

Centralised compliance software

Our innovative compliance software solution, The Gateway, houses all your compliance procedures within your firm and makes them easily accessible.


Financial crime consulting services

Anti-money laundering (AML)

Anti-bribery and corruption

Anti-tax evasion

Cyber security


Market abuse


Insider trading

Please contact us directly to discuss your requirements for any service listed above.


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